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Elo Touch Z10 POS Stand

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Thermal Epson Printer Rolls (80 x 60 x 12 mm) (Pack of 10)

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BOXaPOS Universal Clamp Tablet Printer Stand

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The universal BOXaPOS clamp tablet printer stand has a unique design with a sturdy construction. The spring clamp holder is lockable. The tablet holder is 360° rotatable and the angle is adjustable. This stand can be used as a counter stand. 

This stand is compatible with tablets (not the ELO touchscreen) running iOS and Android, with a diagonal from 285mm up to 385mm (typically from 9,7″ to 13″). 

The compact base plate that mounts on a horizontal surface with non-slip feet, reusable adhesive or screws. It is equipped with an anti-theft Kensington hole.

Compatible Printers:


  • TM-m30, TM-m30II, TM-m30II-S, TM-m30II-H, TM-m30II-NT, TM-m30F, TM-m50
  •  TM-T70, TM-T70II, TM-T70II-DT2, TM-T70-i


FVP10, mC-Print3

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